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Stolen Riches x Reebok PUMP 20 Preview

November 4, 2009




These babies will be released on November 20th. Where?

Stolen Riches
734 Queen St. W.
Toronto ON M6J 1E9

Yall Americans better get yall passports ready or something. lol But im hearing that they will only have 31 pairs. Thats insane o_O You have to think about how many people actually spend the night..or even days for exclusive sneakers. If im not mistakin, I think some stores only had 10-15 pairs of Air Yeezys when it first dropped. Thats not fair at all. But who am i…

As far as these pumps, I will find a way to get these. A store in L.A. will definitely have these a couple of weeks after the release in Canada. Hopefully they will come in sz 13…lol