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A Diva’s Work of Art

November 4, 2009


In case yall dont know(Step your Hip Hop game if you do not) This is Amanda Diva is a female MC and Actress.  She dropped her EP “Amanda Diva – Life Experience” back in 07 with songs like 40 emcees ft Q-tip,(My personal favorite…especially when she performed it on Def Poetry) Supa-Woman, Windows over Harlem, and Brown Girl. Go to the local record store or purchase the album on itunes…DO NOT BOOTLEG!!!!

Amanda Diva is not only an MC and Actress, she is also an artist…literally. Amanda Diva is well known in the art world because of the amazing paintings that she creates. Check them out for yourself




Check out  her HAND PAINTED BAGS! Well..Just one…you have to go on her website to see the rest.


I have more good news…You can purchase these bags and paintings!! =) Where do you ask?

Bonus post:

Amanda Diva “NEON” feat. Johnny Polygon OFFICIAL VIDEO